Ethics & Partnerships

At SilDerm™, we live by our values. We believe that consumers highly value clinical credentials and honesty in both product specification and design. Our scientific credentials are paramount to our approach. Once people know and trust a product, they will recommend it to others and help build the brand.

We are an organisation controlled and funded by the management team with no external borrowings. We wish to grow the SilDerm™ brand organically and in a controlled way. We value all sorts of partners to help us achieve this and will always look to ensure our partnership is mutually rewarding for both parties. We recognise that mutual benefits endure and grow stronger.

The SilDerm™ Group is owned by its executive management team who are responsible for the delivery of our corporate objectives. We are proudly independent and enjoy the knowledge that we are in charge of our own destiny. We enjoy our work and hope that is noticeable by the people we come into contact with.

Partnership opportunities exist in many areas:

  • International distributors with the resources and local reach to successful promote our products within their geographic area
  • The scientific community who share data with us to assist product development and general awareness
  • User groups that appreciate our products and wish to share promotion
  • All manner of writers and their respective publications (be they clinical writers, glossy magazine features, bloggers, tweeters, tabloid editors…. )