About Us

At SilDerm™ Limited we are justifiably proud of our heritage of creating Beauty Through Science™. All of our products have a scientific pedigree that underpins their performance. Our aim is to build a major worldwide healthcare brand with products proven to work. While to some our products may seem to cost a little more than some well promoted consumer products, their true value lies in their quality and ultimate effectiveness.

SilDerm™ Limited was formed as a brand in 2009 and since then has gone from strength to strength. The creation of our partnership with Urban Retreats in Harrods, London and Harvey Nicholls, Manchester in October 2011 cemented the SilDerm™ reputation for quality and innovation.

Our number of partners continues to grow and our international expansion began in late 2011 with a distribution agreement in Japan, quickly followed by Thailand, Qatar, Malta and Ireland.. New territories within Europe and the Middle East are scheduled to come on stream in mid-2013 as part of our controlled organic growth strategy.

Potential partners are encouraged to contact us here.


Our headquarters are in Congleton, Cheshire. This is where our administration team is based and we store all of our lovely products. Manufacturing is primarily outsourced to a local partners just 20 minutes away. We also have presences in Leicestershire and Midlothian and, naturally, most of our development meetings take place regularly in London.

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